By John F. Connolly 

​So, you have the misfortune to be in a motor vehicle accident. Maybe a distracted driver turned left in front of you, or someone on a cell phone ran into your bumper from behind, or, worse, a drunk driver hit you on the interstate. Whatever the circumstances, you now face medical bills, missed time from work, and the pain and suffering that comes with a back injury, broken arm, muscle spasms, sore ribs, or whatever other injury you may have suffered in the accident.

As you face these issues, you may find yourself with many questions: Who pays for my medical bills? How do I get my car fixed? When can I get back to work? Do I really have to deal with that insurance adjuster? Should I get a lawyer?

​Meanwhile, as you ponder these questions, a thousand TV advertisements ring out in your head. Car accident! Call me! You will make a million dollars! And you may ask yourself, is this really the way to hire a good lawyer?
Trust your gut on this one, and stay away from the mass-market advertising personal injury lawyers. Rather, consider hiring a local firm like Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP (FCW) that can provide you personal service and attention.

As is true with its other areas of practice, FCW takes pride in regular contact with its personal injury clients. FCW is there to answer those nagging questions, to remove the worries about dealing with the insurance company, and to help you deal with the financial issues that come with a car accident. As we frequently say at FCW, your job is to get better. We assist you with the rest.

For example, in a personal injury claim, FCW's customer service begins with handling your property damage claim, usually without charging any fee beyond our standard personal injury contingency fee. On the other hand, many TV law firms will not help their clients with property damage claims because it makes them no money.

FCW will also work with your doctors. Unlike many TV firms, FCW does not tell its injured clients where to be treated/seek treatment. This ensures that the interests of FCW's clients are always paramount and avoids the potential conflicts of interests that arise when firms make regular referrals to medical providers.

FCW charges less than most TV lawyers. Large TV firms frequently have standard contingency rates that start at 40% (compared to FCW's usual standard rate of 33.3%) and go higher with litigation. At those firms, the rate after litigation, combined with medical and other expenses, could easily mean that a client receives little of the settlement money negotiated with the insurance company.

FCW has an experienced team capable of handling your claim. Partner John F. Connolly has over twenty-five years of negotiating and litigating personal injury claims, and Michael Bain has prior insurance defense experience. FCW's lead paralegal on personal injury claims used to work at such a large national TV personal injury law firm before joining FCW. 

FCW provides not only personal service and attention but the skills and acumen to get you the settlement you should receive.

​John F. Connolly is a partner at Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP and assists individuals and companies in business, real estate, personal injury, and complex litigation. He graduated from Georgia State University School of Law and has practiced in metro Atlanta for his entire career.