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Our Philosophy

A message from Douglas Flint about the professional philosophy of the law firm, Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP.

It’s difficult to write a promotional piece for a law firm. I find most lawyer advertising to be tacky and unprofessional. United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger once said “…never, never, never under any circumstances hire a lawyer who advertises.” Consequently, you won’t find our name on billboards, TV ads, or even anything more than a yellow pages listing for Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP. We let our reputation and performance advertise for us. We rely on referrals and returning clientele for our business. This approach has served us well — and has spared us the indignity of presenting our firm like a used car sales company.

I wanted FCW’s internet presence to be equally professional: Presenting to clients and prospective clients the information they (and the rest of the modern world) need to make wise decisions when choosing their lawyer — without at the same time appearing as a solicitation. I think our website achieves this; I hope you think so, too.

In addition to the persistence, thoroughness, professionalism, and intelligence we strive to bring to each case and client, we also believe that client communication is key to a successful lawyer-client relationship. To that end, we endeavor to take extra steps to educate our clients about the legal process and what they should expect from the legal system as their case is handled by FCW’s lawyers. We are also vigilant about communication with our clients during the entire duration of their lawyer-client relationship.

You may also note from our website that FCW’s professionals are very involved in our community. Community service is a cornerstone to our approach to the practice of law. We don’t serve our community just because we enjoy giving back to the individuals and businesses that support us. We also believe that community service makes us better lawyers — it keeps us more connected to our clients and others around us — it keeps us more connected to the trends and needs of our community — and it keeps us more connected to the leaders of our courts and government.

Please take an opportunity to review the information we have presented about Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP and its lawyers. It is my hope that we have done an effective job of supplying you with some of the information you may need in selecting a responsible lawyer.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any other questions or issues you may have.

Thank you.

Douglas H. Flint

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